I seem to be moving fast […] I’m exchanging fire with an alien entity! It’s an open, Mars like environment. There are shades of red all around. I feel like I’m in a game, with game characters, like it’s a first person shooter of some sort. I can move around quickly, and dodge long distances while in confrontation.

Photo by Yuliya Kosolapova unsplash-logophoto by Yuliya Kosolapova

Everything looks close to waking reality now

There seems to be a sudden blank in my dream recall […] I’m in a new environment and it no longer feels alien. Everything looks close to waking reality now, very much real, and yet, there is still this feeling that I’m in a game.

I’m going down the stairs of what appears to be the inside of a building. At my left there is a soldier. I think he is with me. As we turn right, to the next flight of stairs, another soldier appears. He is coming up, and we immediately engage in physical confrontation!

I die, right then and there.

Out of nowhere, the soldier by my side betrays me! He draws a knife and stabs me with it. I die, right then and there.

Again, I’m going down the stairs […], at my left there is a soldier. As I turn right, to the next flight of stairs I notice a soldier coming up… “This is odd”, I think to myself. I feel like this has happened before. I must be dreaming… This is a dream! As soon as I realize that I am dreaming everyone freezes, and the tension and struggle felt in the air fades away. The soldier to my left now stands still, erect, with an empty look on his face, like someone who is staring at infinity…

Noticing this, I slowly place my left hand in his right shoulder. For a brief moment, I’m in awe of how real the fabric of his uniform feels in my hand. As I do this, he momentarily jumps scared.

I now try to speak, and notice I’m unable to do so. Intuitively knowing that I can instruct myself to overcome this, I try to do so, when suddenly, the dream collapses, and I’m shifted to waking reality.


I’m no more awake now then I was before, and I feel very excited to have had another lucid dream, knowing that my skills in reaching this state keep improving.